emkay - Now We're Fucking Doing It (POST001) - Vinyl Record

Post Sonics

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Post Bar is a club. Post Sonics is a label. After months of scouring the corners of our homes, we had to do something to keep ourselves from the brink. With the dancefloor on pause, it has been difficult at times to remember the joy. However, across these four tracks emkay with the help of Sansibar remind us why we like to get jiggy with it.

A side kicks off with an electro-tinged phone call from your Mom (which you will want to answer), while the second track delves straight into freaky Goa Pop (*ahem*… festival banger anyone?)

On the flip side emkay welcomes us to a party at her house made of candy and a rush of lovely childhood memories come flooding back. As we hit the wee hours Sansibar takes over the hosting duties, slipping a little magic into our drinks, and we have forgotten why we were sad in the first place. Now we’re fucking doing it.

Mastering: Tim Xavier @ Manmade Mastering Berlin
Distribution: One Eye Witness
Photography: Osma Harvilahti