HPTY – Behind The Trees EP


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Finnish band Behind The Trees releases their self titled debut ep.

Curiosity towards world music, shamanistic approach to rhythms and cosmic levels in life made it happen.
There are five different kind of tracks in the ep.
The intro track "Haiku" is a mood setter for the whole journey. Inspired by the mid eastern mystical soundscapes.
Second track "Bonefire" follows the path, painting a picture of desert campfire, where travellers psychedelic guitar will trip you out as your body follows the rhythm.
Third track "Acid Yerli" is the climax on the ep. Turkish disco and acid house combined, you don ́t have to be scientist to figure out the forecast.

On the flip side "X4" is a different kind of expedition.
Hear the waves hitting the rocks and balearic breese corressing your cheek bones. Track "X4" is a kind of balearic homage to eighties AOR, seasoned with chanting soft voice of Finnish singer Suva.
Last track "Gentle" relaxes your mind and body. The piece has a grounding vibe, with healing resonances that will restore your energy.

Dare to see Behind the Trees, the obscure adventure of life.